About Us

Diane Radeke has worked in the Native American jewelry business for nearly 30 years.  Her specialty is selling custom jewelry to clients around the world.  On her very first day of work, she met Henry Yazzie, an exceptional Navajo jeweler who, she found, could build anything she asked for.  He quickly became her favorite silversmith.  His primary technique is hand fabrication - no casting, no mass production; just a jeweler's saw, a hammer and an acetylene torch.  They finally have the chance to work together to offer you the opportunity to own high quality Sterling silver and 14kt gold jewelry showcasing your favorite hobby. 

Custom Silverwork

Henry can create cars, motorcycles, animals, knives, whatever might be your passion.  He can build buckles, bracelets, pendants, money clips, presentation gifts, and much more.  Contact us to find out how to make it happen!

Collectible car custom sterling buckle